Bluguard VCI® products were engineered on a dutiful mission with a scientific objective: Protect metal items from corrosion using proven VCI chemistry and industry leading barrier materials to make the longest lasting, reusable, and cost-effective products for use in industrial packaging and firearms storage.

The brand exists to give businesses and individuals control over the effects of corrosion within VCI-enriched micro-environments, in the form of laminates, bags, and covers that are manufactured and sold in the USA by Heritage Packaging.


For over 25 years, Heritage Packaging has produced successful protective packaging solutions within many industrial manufacturing markets by providing superior custom converted products using the finest materials and cutting edge machinery.

Our team of packaging engineers and technicians use science and skill to design systems and products that protect goods as delicate as tiny micro-circuits or as grand as military aircraft- all from our facility in upstate New York.


VCI stands for volatile corrosion inhibitor. VCI molecules are excited by the presence of metallic molecules, and begin to move when the two are introduced. When the molecules meet, they exchange electrons. This exchange creates a thin protective coating of VCI’s on the metal (think of chrome on a car bumper).

It’s this coating that prevents corrosive elements from contacting the bare metal, preventing rust from forming. Unlike the chrome bumper, when the coated metal is removed from the VCI source, the VCI molecules dissipate into the atmosphere, leaving the metal unharmed.


Using varying combinations of barrier materials and VCI impregnated sealant layers, Bluguard VCI® industrial products provide unmatched multi-metal anti-corrosion protection solutions for goods in storage and transit. Our products; bags, covers, crate liners, roll-stock, fabricated wide sheeting (blankets), or wide web roll-stock, are all made to order according to your specific application requirements. Bluguard VCI is utilized widely in aerospace, automotive, power generation, heavy equipment manufacturing, military, electronics applications, and in any application where metal objects are at risk of becoming corroded.


Bluguard VCI®  anti-corrosion bags utilize a combination of VCI chemistry and barrier packaging materials to prevent corrosion of firearms, ammunition, and spare parts.  

Our products are manufactured with a combination of proven barrier and VCI materials that conjointly yield advanced anti-corrosion protection.  This material combination is puncture resistant, tear resistant, non-abrasive, non-toxic, and will not harm any non-metal surfaces.  

The barrier layer in Bluguard VCI Bags performs two tasks simultaneously; keeping harmful corrosion causing elements out of the bag while locking in the VCI chemistry. This allows the bag to protect firearms and ammunition for many years. 

The VCI impregnated inner layer is where the anti-corrosive properties come from. The VCI chemistry migrates out of the material, vaporizing inside the controlled environment of the bag. The VCI molecules are then attracted to the interior and exterior metal surfaces of a firearm.  When the metal item is removed from a Bluguard VCI bag, the surface coating of  VCI molecules harmlessly dissipates into the surrounding atmosphere, with no cleaning necessary so that the contents are ready for immediate use.