Bluguard VCI: In the beginning

Bluguard VCI has a fresh look and a new range of products to prevent corrosion to metals, but for Heritage Packaging, the journey began in the early 2000’s. Here, CEO Bill Smith tells us how Bluguard VCI came to be:

“In 2002/2003 Heritage Packaging was working on an application for a manufacturer of metal Aperture Masks which were highly susceptible to corrosion. The manufacturer had been struggling with his current method:

  1. Wrap masks in a VCI coated paper
  2. Insert wrapped units into heavy-duty laminated barrier bag
  3. Vacuum Seal the bag closed

This process was effective at preventing corrosion from occurring on the parts, but was very labor intensive and expensive to do. During our process analysis, the idea of laminating a VCI film as the sealant layer with other substrates to form a multi-layered barrier packaging material came to mind.


  1. We produced a prototype material, and from it manufactured a bag with this VCI film sealant layer.
  2. We then placed the unwrapped aperture masks into the bags, and used a vacuum seal.

Humidity chamber and razor blade corrosion tests were done on the parts that had been packed in the new bags and it was determined that the new structure was highly effective at preventing corrosion while simultaneously labor costs were reduced significantly and throughput was increased.

As this industrial application was being developed, Heritage Packaging was also pursuing an opportunity to improve the method being utilized by the U.S. Marine Corps. They were looking for an improved method to prevent corrosion on refurbished M-16 rifles to be placed in long-term storage. We employed the knowledge we had just gained through developing the aperture mask bags to the M-16 application, achieved similar success. From those two applications, what eventually became known as BLUGUARD VCI was born.”

Bluguard VCI products now come in the form of bags, covers, and laminates that are the perfect long-lasting and cost effective solution to metal corrosion. Shop our firearm storage products online, or contact us for information about industrial applications.