Weapon Storage Bags

Bluguard VCI™ Weapon Storage Bags are designed to work with a wide range of rifles and pistols, crew served weapons, machine guns, optics, and spare barrels. Our bags provide a reusable weapons storage system that drastically reduces labor hours spent cleaning, inspecting, and re-cleaning.

BluGuard VCI Bags also provide a more efficient way of packaging weapons compared to standards such as Marine Corps. Order 4030.1F.  BluGuard VCI Bags are also capable of being used with various types of weapon storage racking systems.

To purchase weapon storage bags, please click below and let us know your weapon storage needs:



  • Pistol/ M9 Storage Bags
  • M16/ M4 Rifle Storage Bags
  • AK Rifle Storage Bags
  • M240 Machine Gun Storage Bags
  • M249 SAW Storage Bags
  • M60 Machine Gun Storage Bags
  • M2 Machine Gun Storage Bags
  • M2 Machine Gun Barrel Storage Bags
  • MK19 Storage Bags
  • M3 Tripod Storage Bags


  •  Reduces current labor intensive operations while exceeding anti-corrosion standards. 
  • Simple to use: Insert a clean firearm and press the installed closure shut
    • This drastically improves on the method spelled out in MCO 4030.16F general packaging instructions for small arms weapons section 5. Packaging. 
  • Manufactured with electronically controlled pneumatic machines offering consistent high quality heat seals, eliminating the need for the military to purchase and maintain heat sealing machines
  • Reduces the risk of inconsistent/poor quality heat seals. 
  • Constructed with a foil laminated VCI material (comparable to MIL-PRF-131 and MIL-PRF-3420 ), which reduces the amount of roll stock materials purchased and stored. 
  • Reusable closures help reduce waste and the need to continuously purchase more materials. 
  • No desiccants required for proper storage.