Vacuum Bag, Compact Rifle, 14" x 36"

Vacuum Bag, Compact Rifle, 14" x 36"


Anti-corrosion storage bags made with barrier materials and VCI chemistry.

Outer Dimensions: 14 x 36"
Material: 2-Ply Bag
Outer ply: multi-layered barrier lamination (black)
Inner ply: VCI impregnated film (blue)
Seal: Seals shut with heavy duty, reusable, extruded zipper seal that’s air and watertight, and a one-way valve for removing moisture vapor and other contaminants from air inside the bag.

Designed for tactical rifles with collapsible or folding stocks.
Air Tight? Yes.
Water Tight? Yes.
Long Term Storage: Ideal for firearms that are rarely used throughout the year. Perfect for collector’s, family heirlooms, hunting guns stored during off-season, or weapon storage while on deployment. Depending on use, firearms can be stored rust-free for 5+ years.

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