Medium Parts & Ammo Bags, 10 Pack, 4" x 6"

Medium Parts & Ammo Bags, 10 Pack, 4" x 6"


Anti-corrosion storage bags made with barrier materials and VCI chemistry.

Outer Dimensions: 4 x 6"
Material: 1-Ply Bag made of a multi-layered barrier lamination (PET film + VCI impregnated film).
Seal: Seals shut with a heavy duty, reusable, extruded zipper that presses to close.


  • Perfect for various barrels, magazines, optics, slides, ammunition cartridges, and primers.
  • Air Tight? Yes
  • Water Tight? Yes
  • Short or Long Term Storage: Ideal for parts & ammo used semi-frequently (a few times a month to a few times a year). Depending on use, parts & ammo can be stored rust-free for 5+ years.
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