Ammo Can Liners

Ammo Can Liners

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BluGuard VCI™ Ammo Can Liner | 30 Cal.
• Fits Mil Spec Ammo Can – 30 Cal 7.62
• Flat gusseted bottom 

BluGuard VCI™ Ammo Can Liner | 50 Cal.
• Fits Mil Spec Ammo Can – 50 Cal M2A1
• Flat gusseted bottom

• Press to close zipper closure, airtight and waterproof
• Clear blue, VCI impregnated barrier material (easily see pouch contents)
• Perfect for various ammunition, stored loose or in hard plastic trays.
• No residues left behind- safe for ammunition powder and prime
• Also safe for spare parts: barrels, magazines, optics, slides

Desiccant packs and oxygen absorbers can be used in combination with Bluguard VCI™ bags, but are not necessary.

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