Pistol Storage Bags

Pistol Storage Bags

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Velcro Pistol Bags | 11 x 15"
• Ideal for most full size pistols, semi-auto and revolver
• Protects items as small as a compact 380s to larger .357 revolvers.

Velcro Compact Pistol Bags | 11 x 8"
• Protects compact semi auto pistols and revolvers like the G19, XDM, EMP 1911, or the Bodyguard 38. 

Vacuum Pistol Bags | 11 x 15"
The same specs as our original Velcro Pistol bags, but include a 100% waterproof and airtight closure with a vacuum valve for unmatched rust prevention.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Clean and oil your firearm as recommended by the manufacturer then slide it into the bag. Press the heavy-duty reusable closures shut and your firearm will remain rust free. If using a vacuum seal bag, place any household vacuum hose over the one way valve and remove air.  For best results leave either the barrel or pistol grip under the oneway valve to maximize airflow.  

REMOVAL: Open the bag closure and remove your firearm. VCI technology leaves be hind no residues so firearms are ready to be used right out of the bag… unlike messy oils & greases.

The foil-based bag material does not allow any moisture or other corrosion causing elements into the bag and also locks in the protective VCI molecules. Days, months, or years later take the firearm out of the bag and it will be in the same rust-free condition as it was when first stored.


  • Protects from corrosion and general contamination in normal storage condition
  • No messy oils or greases
  • Moisture and oxygen proof material
  • Puncture & tear resistant material
  • Non-abrasive interior will not scratch or scuff finishes
  • Depending on use, protection can last far beyond 5 years
  • Flexible material allows for storage in gun safes and hard cases
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