Zip Top Anti-Corrosion Bags

Zip Top Anti-Corrosion Bags

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...with VCI chemistry and barrier materials that offer double the corrosion prevention for months or years at a time.

Our zip top anti-corrosion bags are for storing lightweight metals like small tools, tackle, ammo, coins, and more. With our reusable zip top closure, and our combination of high-barrier materials with VCI molecules, it’s quick and easy to prevent rust on your metal products without the addition of desiccants, oils, or sprays.

Inside our bags, powerful VCI molecules form an invisible coating around the metal contents, deflecting corrosive moisture vapor and oxygen molecules. On the outside, our super-strength barrier film and zip top closure have two missions: lock in the VCI molecules, and keep out corrosion causing elements. Once the metal is removed, the VCI molecules dissipate and your object is immediately safe to use again*.

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  • 5-20 years of corrosion-free storage, depending on use. Achieve short-term storage (0-5 years) when accessing the bag contents semi-frequently throughout the year. For long-term storage (5-20 years), open the bag seldomly.

  • Non-Toxic*: Made from our proprietary high-barrier/VCI laminate. VCI molecules dissipate when removed from the bag, and are only attracted to clean, bare metal.

  • Reusable: Hermetically sealed bag with a press-to-close zip top.

  • Clear: Our blue material is transparent for easy tracking of a metal’s condition.

  • Manufactured in the USA (Victor, New York) by the packaging company responsible for protecting multi-million dollar industrial equipment from corrosion. Our materials and concepts have been used industrially for more than 20 years, and were tested as an improved method of anti-corrosion protection in long-term storage for M-16 rifles used in the U.S. Marine Corps.

  • Popular uses: Perfect for use in mil-spec ammo cans (.30 cal and .50 cal), in tackle boxes, tool boxes, wooden chests, and more. Great for storing small tools, tackle, coins, gardening tools, and more.

  • See our Size Guide for help choosing the right fit.


  • Clean your metal item to the manufacturer’s standards, then place in the bag.

  • Press the zip top closed from end to end, ensuring you feel the tracks engage.

  • To reopen, gently peel apart the zip top from the center to each side.

  • For best results store your metal gear and equipment away from direct sunlight. Bluguard VCI bags are safe for use in temperatures -40˚F to 140˚F, but somewhere cool and dry is best. Keep bags away from sharp objects that could puncture the bag. Use extra care when storing sharp items in our bags.


Not intended for use directly with food. Metallic articles that have made contact with VCI film must be cleaned with soap and water or household cleaner prior to making food surface contact. Not intended as carry bags. Bag materials are prone to punctures from excessive handling and sharp objects. Insert metal equipment with care.